Riff angled context image with guitar headstock surrounded by picks


Recycled Guitar Picks


6 weeks


Source scrap material and give it new purpose, creating a small production batch to be sold.


Heat compressor
Material exploration
Production run
What is ReMade?
A material exploration driven project, giving new life to used materials.
Material Sourcing
PLA sourced from 3D printing scraps from personal projects, school and work.
Processing Material
Sorting PLA by color and running scraps through a granulator to output fine pellets.
Creating PLA Sheets
Experimenting with pellet color layout and heat pressing into sheets.
Laser Cutting
Designing, laser cutting, and engraving a variety of pick shapes and clips.
Guitar Picks + Clip
Four pick shaped; shark fin, triangle, standard, and jazz.

Accompanied by a pick clip that can be affixed to a guitars headstock for easy storage and accessibility.
Class created small production batch to sell at local business Ideal in downtown Bellingham, WA.
Display Stand
Fully recyclable stand created from 3D printed PLA and wooden dowels.
300+ picks created