Shower Hair Trap


11 weeks


Housewares product.


Fusion 360
3D Printing
"Although showering is essential for hygiene, it's simultaneously a form of self care, as it is soothing, relaxing and a space to think."
- Rachel Hoffman, PhD. head of therapy at mental health provider Real
Problem Statement
No one likes a clogged shower drain. It is messy, time consuming and can be expensive.

To combat this, there must be a simple, yet effective way to contain hair to prevent future clogs.
Existing Products
Issues among current products on the market.
Existing Hair Clog Removal
The process of dealing with standardized shower grates.
Project Goals
Address Pain Points
Process from installation to use should be simple, free of tools and easy to clean.

Product should be safe and timely to avoid procrastination.
One + Done
Works effectively to prevent the purchase of alternatives.

User should not need to call the plumber.

Purchase product once that is marketed at a competitive price.
Composed of recycled materials.

Follows GMP (good manufacturing process).
Material + Shower Environment Exploration
A variety of materials for a variety of shower environments.
Experiments to Breakdown Hair
Shifting the focus to the interaction of catching and disposing of hair and grime.
40+ Prototypes
Proof of Concept
Drain Simulation
Placed prototype in acrylic enclosure to simulate a shower drain.

Poured mixture of water, hair and grime.

Bucket placed underneath had trace amounts of hair.
Removed grate + catcher unit out of the base.

Lip squeegeed grime out.

Squeezed catcher to remove from grate.
Material Captured
Catcher caught majority of hair.

Washed off grime.

Flipped flexible catcher inside out to dump content.
How it Works
1. Pop Up
Rotate grate to pop up for easy removal.
2. Scrape
Pull out grate + catcher unit.
3. Squeeze Lock
Squish catcher to pull apart from grate.
4. Flip
Turn catcher inside out to dispose of contents.
Part Breakdown
Neutral gray color to compliment plastic shower stalls.

Most environmentally friendly plastic.

100% recyclable.
Stainless Steel
Available in chrome and black to match existing shower hardware.

Production does not produce excess waste.

100% recyclable.
Flexible material.

Neutral gray color to compliment all base + grate options.

100% recyclable and biodegradable.
Sustainable Packaging